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Not Your Average Dinnerware Collection

It all started with the wedding registry.

I’ll be honest, the last thing I considered for our registry was a formal dinnerware collection. Just as formal dining rooms are being removed in modern homes, I believed fine china collections were something for a past generation. Was it really wise to spend money on plates used for only special occasions? It seemed impractical to me!

But as I started thinking about the warmth of Thanksgiving and the magic of Christmas together for the first time as newlyweds, all the little details came flooding to mind. You know, my mom always paid attention to the small details that created our best holiday memories. Apple cider and hot chocolate could always be found on the stovetop, creating the most delicious aromas in our home. Baked goods and hearty comfort foods filled the kitchen, while cozy holiday pillows and blankets adorned our living room by the fireplace. Twinkling lights, greenery and ornaments filled every corner of the home. I even remember my favorite Christmas mug, and the special, hand-painted Christmas dishes she used only on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. All of these little decorative items worked to create magical memories for me as a kid. In this moment I realized that maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss a special dinnerware collection, because maybe, just maybe, it could hold a little magic in it for my future family.

Back to creating my wedding registry, my then Maid-of-Honor Ashleigh informed me of a brand I simply needed to check out… Arte Italica.

Known for their signature pewter material, Arte Italica’s designs evoke an effortlessly vintage, romantic charm. Their products are handmade in Italy which explains the unique nature of each piece. I immediately fell in love! The collection did not feel stuffy like our grandparents fine china, it felt organic and authentic, like it could show well in a farmhouse or a mansion. The beaded pewter trims and accent details contrast so delicately with the ceramics and blown glass; it displays like jewelry on the table, without detracting from other decor like centerpieces or linens. This collection was made to stand the test of time, to evolve with the latest trends while remaining elegant and upscale.

My favorite collection is their Tesoro collection. Their charger and salad plate is made from mouth-blown glass, and bookends beautifully with the ceramic dinner plate. I also recommend their Tuscan collection which has an upscale farmhouse pottery feel to it. Both collections are the first of its kind to combine pewter with glass and ceramic, making Arte Italica the leading European tableware designer. To make the pieces even more appealing, “Pewter, (is) the fourth most precious metal in existence…Pewter does not tarnish like silver, and rarely requires polishing. Pewter is dishwasher-safe on a low-heat setting”. Well, this proves my point that it is fine china for the modern age; no upkeep required! Shop my favorite pieces, below!

So, as you search for your perfect dinnerware piece for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, I hope you remember to chose something that will spark magic for you and your family, creating lasting memories for you all. There is truly nothing like gathering around the table with loved ones, breaking bread, and celebrating what we are thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving GatherHouse readers.



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