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Meet Teresa Fadelli 

I’m so happy you’re here! You’re probably wondering a bit about Gatherhouse and how this story got its start…

Prior to my design work, my entire career was dedicated to connecting people and businesses with the goal of growing communities at scale. It wasn’t until more recently that I started to examine what community looked like in the home. I soon witnessed that in the vulnerability of the home, the relationships around me plumbed so much deeper. It was healing and life-giving; an experience I knew I wanted to help perpetuate.

Fast forward a bit… I married my love and best friend, Dan, and we began fixing up homes together. At this point, my passion for interior design exploded alongside his extensive knowledge of construction. I would always laugh saying, “there should be a blog about remodeling and what NOT to do!”… you can guess where I am going with this now. Gatherhouse was designed to share our less-than-perfect journey fixing up homes, creating intentional spaces to bring people together in this beautiful place we call home.

Join us as we build community in our little corner of the world!