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Designing For Your Furry Friends

We love spending time with our pets! Check out our tips on how to live with our animals in style! From renovation implementations to stain resistant fabrics, we’ll share our favorite finds with you!


Have a little extra space in your laundry or mudroom? Consider installing an area to bathe your pets! Not only is it functional, it can be an opportunity to be playful with your design!

image via Monika Hibbs

Create space at a cabinet end and install a pot-filler and pet bowls! We love doing this in a butler pantry or laundry room. Gone are the days of spilling water while feeding your furry one!

image via The Lifestyled Co

Utilize your toe-kick space under your cabinets by creating a drawer for pet bowls! We love the ability to hide pet products when needed in this solution!

image by

Textiles & Decor

Worried about cleaning your rugs from pet messes? We found a rug for you! “It is stain resistant and easy to clean, unlike jute rugs.” No professional cleaning necessary!

Via Julie Blanner

We discovered a fur resistant bedding brand, slashop. Reasonably priced, they have everything from bedding to pajamas and pet treats!

It’s always a good idea to have a designated doggy blanket for your sofa – just in case! Check out these cute throws that will blend in with your decor.
It’s no secret we use our favorite non-toxic deodorizer & sanitizer, Cleaner Than Clean, on our pet products to keep things smelling fresh and clean! I feel good knowing this product is pet-friendly and good for our fluffy friends health. Use our code “Gather5” at checkout!

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