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Trendy or Timeless? Scallops, Checkered & Reeded Details

We are seeing certain trends in every advertising campaign, mood board and client request: the use of scallops, checkerboard pattern and reeded details in interior design. The question is: is this trend here to stay?!

SCALLOPS: Timeless

We are loving the use of scallops in traditional home design! It adds so much femininity and charm while being the perfect pattern to layer with florals, stripes, curves and more. Scallops have now made their way to lighting design, hardware, furniture and more! Though it may not always be this popular, I think we will always see scallops used in kids spaces. We love seeing scallops used in tile layouts, furniture leg details, bedding trim and decor!


So checkerboard not only has overtaken the home industry, but also the fashion industry! We are seeing checkered patterns in cream and chocolate hues everywhere! Though it is certainly fun, I think it may be a bit overdone. When choosing checkerboard patterns, I recommend using it in less permanent spaces. It’s perfect for decor (think rugs and pillows!), that you can swap out with the seasons. It will always be in style for Fall, too!

REEDED: Timeless

Curves have always been in style and always will be! The perfect way to elevate a design is to add in the little details. Rounded elements like reeded wood is the perfect addition to a traditional design. We have seen reeded details applied to cabinet doors on vanities, the glass or shades of lighting and to natural stones like marble or limestone. This is my favorite trend so far!

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