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Why Plaster Is All The Rage Right Now

Creamy, Textural and Dramatic… the words we use to describe plaster, one of our favorite materials to use in the home to create a distinct emotion in a room. We apply it to our walls to make the room feel ethereal, calming, and interesting.

“There is something so alluring about the tactile quality of plaster. It has the power to transform a smooth, sterile surface into a warm, touchable one at the flick of a brush (and a trowel!). “

by Sacha Streebe for EyeSwoon
Brooke Wagner Design

Though it may seem like a new trend, plaster techniques date back thousands of years, like on the Pyramids of Giza, the Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum!

At Gatherhouse, we love using Roman Clay and Lime Wash. You may also hear the term, tadelakt, a Morrocan lime plaster, which we love using in showers in place of tile. That’s right, it’s waterproof!

Check out a video here if you want to DIY! Or read this post!

“When applying lime plaster or wash, embrace imperfection—and wield tools differently for a wide variety of effects.”


Today, we see plaster applied to wall treatments, but it has also made its way into sculptural art pieces and lighting. Shop some of our favs, below!

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