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From White Paints to White Sofas: Family Friendly Solutions – Part 1

We’ve seen it everywhere, the impeccably clean, drool-worthy homes that all have two things in common: white walls and white sofas. You may be asking, do families actually live in these home?! Between children, pets, cooking, and party spills, how do they keep it white?! Well today we’re spilling the industry secrets and sharing how you too can add white into your color palette!

Image via The Lifestyled Co.


Alright you guys, this is coming from someone who refuses to give up her white sectional, even though I have a large chocolate lab, a toddler and a husband who works in construction. When families come to me asking how they can select a white fabric for their sofa, I provide two options.

1. Crypton Fabric

This fabric is quickly gaining popularity in residential homes! “Crypton is an engineered textile…Approved fibers are permanently transformed with stain and odor protection through an immersion process, plus an impenetrable moisture barrier that protects the fabric from spills…Liquid spills bead up and can be blotted off with a clean, dry cloth. Most new stains come off with a clean, damp cloth and water. For more stubborn stains, a mild soap and water mixture is very effective” Crypton.

Crypton is so sure of their performance fabric, they allow you to purchase a test kit and encourage you to try and ruin a fabric with stains.

For those looking for a white upholstered sofa or sectional, Crypton fabric is your best bet!

2. The Slipcovered Sofa

Slipcovered sofas are the new trendy sofas these days made popular by designers like Amber Interiors and Jenni Kayne for their relaxed, effortless look. But beware, not all slipcovers are created equal! To achieve a designer-look, look for slipcovers that are 100% linen, or a performance linen, which means it is equipped to resist stains. Luxe linen fabrics provide a breezy and calming appeal, elevating the entire room.

Personally, my favorite slipcovered sectional right now is the Maiden Home Dune sectional in the Bone Performance Linen. From sofa to modular sectional, the configurations and sizing customizations are endless. In addition, you can purchase different slipcover fabrics for your sofa so you can change up the look! Never again will you have to sell the sofa because of a stain…at most you will just have to purchase a new slipcover. To me, that’s worth the investment!

Sixpenny Neva L-Shape Sectional

Another brand that is redefining the slipcovered sofa space is Sixpenny.

“At Sixpenny, we know home doubles as an office, a ballfield, and a movie theater. We understand that home sometimes looks more like a zoo than a museum. And we believe that no matter the shape, size, and state of your home, it should be the most comfortable, personal, enriching space in your world.”

We source the most luxurious, natural and recycled fabrics, overstuff our cushions with ethically-sourced down feathers and recycled vegan poly, and handcraft every frame from kiln-dried solid hardwood, to ensure that every piece of our furniture is timeless.”

They are on a mission to help busy families and create lasting pieces that can stand the test of time! Check them out when looking for your next sofa, or shop the rec’s below!

Maiden Home Dune Sofa in Bone

Stay tuned for Part 2 on our favorite white paints!


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