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5 Tips To Refresh Your Home In The New Year

It happens to me every year. January 1st hits and I know the holidays are over. I feel nostalgic for the special season, the traditions, and the time set apart for loved ones.

For the past few months, our homes were adorned with so many cheerful and cozy items, creating a festive and warm atmosphere. I always looked so forward to turning on the sparkling Christmas tree lights, lighting the fire, and making hot cocoa while snuggling under a blanket. Fresh pine leaves graced every corner of our home, serving as the most stunning decor while also diffusing a refreshing aroma. The home truly comes alive in December!

When the new year begins, it is time to clean up the holiday decor and start fresh. “Un-decking” the halls is a symbol of new beginnings and a fresh start. But sometimes, it can leave our home feeling a little empty, maybe even a little lonely.

If you’re like me, you may be needing a little home inspiration after the holiday rush. I want to share 5 tips that have helped me create a cozy home in the new year, and I hope they help you, too!

1. A Time To Reflect

Before we get into all the details, set aside a chunk of time to spend in solitude in your home, free of distraction. We recommend lighting some candles, putting on some soothing music, pouring a glass of wine and maybe even drawing a bath. Don’t you feel relaxed already?

Use this time to think of what feelings you want your home to evoke. For example, do you want your home to be a place for gathering and entertaining? Or perhaps you want a space to rest and recharge? Just like in the beginning of every yoga class, set an intention for the feeling of your home.

For me this year, it is a space to savor all the little moments. To enjoy the process of all the chores, cooking, and cleaning even if it feels like a routine. To savor all the milestones of my baby girl. To be present, relishing in every day God gives me.

After setting your intention, decide how you will implement this intention and commit to it this year. For example, if you choose to entertain, how will you do so? How many times per month? If your intention is to create a rest filled space for your family, how do they each find and receive rest? How can you create an environment conducive for their rest? For me, since I choose to savor it all, I choose to start each morning in solitude, journaling and reading my bible, thanking God for the day ahead and asking for help to be present in all the moments, even the tough ones.

2. A Time To Restore

Before we can move forward in our lives in a whole and healthy way, we must restore and heal the broken parts of our past. The same is true of our homes!

Instead of going full throttle into 2022, pause to consider what areas of your home have been heavily used and in need of a little love (or elbow grease)! Perhaps your dishes were damaged during the holidays and you need to complete your dinnerware set again. Maybe your walls deserve a touch up on paint or your rugs are in need of a scheduled rug cleaning. Maybe you have some blankets and pillows you can donate to your local shelter.

Restore your items, provide to them a fresh new life in anticipation of the year ahead.

3. A Time For Change

Sometimes all you need to get out of a funk is to see things from a new perspective. A new viewpoint can unblock mental road blocks and give you the motivation, energy and creativity to start fresh.

Whenever I feel “stuck” at work, unsure of how to overcome an obstacle, I try rearranging the furniture in my home office. I swear it works every time! A good change of scenery, a good cleaning and a reorganization can do wonders to get your mind right and ready for whats to come.

Try rearranging your home office furniture, your living room furniture layout, or even switching up the rug locations in your home. Does it help you see things differently? Enjoy a fresh look for a fresh new year.

4. A Time To Breathe

Don’t put all of your holiday greenery away just yet!

While we recommend removing the holiday-themed greenery, we love using left-over pine branches to create new floral arrangements. They serve as the perfect filler stem. Add them in your kitchen, shelving or even in your bathroom.

Adding greenery to your home can improve your mental health and reduce stress, boost your productivity, and purify your air. (Source) Adding greenery will help reduce the feeling of emptiness left from the removed holiday decor while boosting your mood!

5. A Time To Layer

Okay so you read just how cozy Christmas is in our family, but I refuse to make that coziness stop just because the holidays are over. We are still in the dead of Winter, which means it’s time to snuggle up!

Replace the routine of turning on your Christmas tree lights with lighting a favorite candle, turning on the fireplace (or heater!) and enjoying the warmth.

Add weighted faux fur throw blankets and pillows to your sofa or bed and try implementing warm textures like wool or sherpa.

Refresh your bath linens and bed sheets, and consider a softer weave for a cozier feel.

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