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Time To Organize!

As you know, these blog posts are always inspired by my clients, and there has been one trend that has truly stood out to me lately… home organization. After we remodel a home, clients are left to organize their personal items back into the cabinets, shelves, closets and more. Oftentimes, these items no longer serve a purpose in their beautiful, newly renovated space. I highly recommend hiring a Professional Organizer to implement a fresh new organizational system into your home (we even quote this in our designer bids)! However, if you decide you want to handle the task on your own, we’ve got you covered.

My first job out of college was actually as a Professional Organizer for Hollywood entertainers and athletes. With this high profile clientele, I quickly learned how to organize a space to make it aesthetically pleasing, i.e. “swoon-worthy”, as well as functional.  My biggest tip: less is truly more! It can be hard to part with items that hold certain memories, but we have tips on that, below. So read T’s Tips on organizing your space!

Tip #1: Purge, Purge, Purge

Go through every single item in the space you are organizing and ask yourself these three questions. If the answer is “no”, discard the item.

  • Does this item bring you joy?
  • Have you used it in the last year?
  • What purpose does it serve?

If this item it linked with a memory (i.e. your child loved it, you wore it on a first date, etc…) consider the following:

  • Ask yourself if you really need it for the happy memory, or does it sit covered/crammed in a dark corner in your home unseen for years at a time?
  • Take a photo of it and add it to a scrapbook album labeled “Memories”.
  • Create a “Memories Bin” to store in the garage. Limit yourself to only what can fit inside the 1 bin. Note: Each child may also have 1 bin.

Tip #2 Sort & Categorize Like Items

Take inventory of the items. Categorize the items together. For example, if you are organizing a kitchen, sort all cans in one area, all grains in another, all baking items in another area, etc…

Tip #3 Create a System 

Now that you know the quantities you are working with, you can devise a system. If you notice you have many more items than you do space, it may be time to go back to Tip #1 and begin the process again! But more than likely, you can purchase some incredible space saving solutions that will help you store all of your items.

  • Decide where you want each item. Example: Most used items go in front, Lightest items go on top shelves, heaviest items on the bottom shelves.
  • Measure all of your drawers and shelves.
  • Purchase aesthetically appealing containers to fit in each drawer and shelf.
  • Add label clips to each bin to keep yourself and family remembering where each item goes!
  • Consider the following space saving solutions and shop our favorite products, below!

Space Savers:

Consider using a lazy-susan to store like items.

Consider shelf stackers to optimize shelf space.

Spend the time unboxing ingredients, adding to canisters, and applying labels! It makes ALL the difference!

Replace all hangers with the same kind. We recommend this black velvet hanger for a uniform look. Check out our favorite closet organizer below.

Check out this hot tool pad so you can put your hair tools away while they’re still hot and avoid all the cords!

My favorite bins!

Grab this super cool label maker at checkout!

Happy Organizing!


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