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The #1 Tip For 1st Time Remodelers: Interior Elevations

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday!

Today I want to share a story with you that I see happen with almost every single client I work with. I also want to share what advice I give to each of these clients and how I help them roadmap their remodel. It’s my number 1 tip for first time remodelers!

So, you just closed on your fixer-upper home and you’re so excited, you rush over to your new property and start the demo all on your own. Sledgehammer in hand, you are knocking down walls, envisioning your new home. Every minute you’re not on site, you are curating the dream Pinterest board. You can’t wait to move in!

Then reality sets in… what do you start with first?! Well if you haven’t checked out my example schedule for your home remodel, now is the time to do so.

After you demo your space, you will go right into framing, rough plumbing and rough electrical. Why is this important? Well your contractor will need the rough-in parts for your plumbing; meaning, you need to have all your plumbing fixtures picked out! For example, say you choose the faucet shown in the picture below. Though you may not be ready to install the shiny new faucet for months, your plumber will need the proper rough-in valve that goes with this faucet, now. Additionally, choosing a wall mounted faucet versus a widespread faucet will matter greatly to your plumber as he stubs out your plumbing lines at the proper height.








Second, your contractor will need to know your electrical layout. Now this part should already be finalized with your architect, in your plans and submitted for permitting. (If you need help creating your electrical plan, read this!)

This means, you need your light fixtures picked out so you know the dimensions of each fixture and how it affects your space. For example, will a vanity mirror affect the location of a light fixture? If so, how big of a mirror are you installing? Will your backsplash tile affect the height of your mirror placement and thus your light fixture location? How high are your cabinets? How thick are your countertops? All of these interior measurements are so important to know upfront so you are aware of how all your pieces work together. I call this interior elevations drafting and it’s the #1 thing I work on with my clients.

Examples of Interior Elevation Planning:

Example of Interior Elevations Planning

I know what you’re thinking, “this seems like a lot to have ready upfront!”

It is. That’s why I recommend finalizing the design of your whole home prior to getting a contractor involved, or at least while you’re waiting for your permits. If you want an efficient, headache free remodel, this is the way to go! It’s a lot of work in the beginning but trust me, you will be so far ahead of the game if you do it this way. Your contractor will have all the information he needs and nothing will slow him down; meaning, you move into your home sooner!

So what’s the number one thing I want first time remodelers to understand? Interior Elevation Planning!

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