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Modern Farmhouse Inspiration

As we are approaching the finish line of our little fixer farmhouse, I wanted to share with you my inspiration boards which set the vision for the design of our home! It’s so hard to stick to one design and make decisions when we are bombarded with so many creative ideas everyday, but stick to your original intention, and you will be so glad you did!

T‘s Tip: A vision board is different than a design board! I use vision boards to get a sense of the project, while I use design boards to pinpoint what exactly I will be using in each space. It is a finalized layout of each room, with each fixture and furnishing included. That way, each room is specifically priced out as well.

Vision Casting: What is the feeling you want your home to evoke?

For us, we knew we were moving to a community that already had a farm-style feel. It’s a town removed from the hustle and bustle and we wanted our home to represent the location well. It’s also the home where our daughter will be born in! That being said, our vision was to create a home that brings people together. We envisioned hosting Thanksgiving dinner with our huge family, inviting friends over for a Summer siesta outside, and having tons of room to play cozily with our firstborn! We want everyone who walks in the front door to immediately feel welcome and at home. As you can imagine, this intention influenced the design and functionality of every room, and gave us a great starting point for our architectural plans!


After assembling and pinning images which represented the overall look and feel I was going for, I started digging and doing my research! I would find out who the designer was and where they sourced their materials. This took time but I am so grateful I did a little investigative work! For example, on the photo above, I can see they most likely used oak floors, a knotty alder stained pantry door, with black trim/metal accents.

Purse Salt Interiors – Three Arch Bay Project

Pure Salt Interiors probably takes first place as my favorite interior designer! I love the organic, airy feel they capture in all of their designs. I immediately knew I wanted to stain our kitchen island and paint our cabinets a neutral color, like the photo above! I also loved the matte bronze cabinet hardware used against the two tone cabinetry.

I fell in love with the trendy slate herringbone tile pattern offset with white grout. I really wanted to try it in person to see how it came out! I also knew I wanted to work with cane details throughout the house, as pictured in the Pottery Barn vanity cabinet doors. It adds so much texture immediately and creates the warm, authentic feel I was going for. Sourcing the cane and figuring out how to stain it has been a project of its own! Lastly, to complete the farmhouse look, we of course needed some barn doors! I loved the detail shown on the Studio McGee barn door above, and knew I would want to paint it white or black, or stain it, depending on the room!

Pure Salt Interiors – Eastbluff Project

This photo was a WOW photo to me. I immediately fell in love with how the tile of the shower transitioned to the tile underneath the tub, and how it abutted against the hardwood floors. I knew I needed to try this idea for myself!

I hope you feel inspired by these designs as much as I do! Remember to vision cast for your project before you start designing by setting an intention for each space. You got this!

Happy designing!



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