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Favorite Faux Greenery!

Hi everyone! You’ll notice I use a lot of greenery in every room in my home. It adds immediate texture, dimension, intrigue and warmth, so I am always on the hunt for quality greenery! 

Though I LOVE live plants so much, I tend to kill every plant I own, so I purchase them more sparingly. This is unfortunate because my mom is the most incredible florist, but apparently green thumbs are not hereditary.  Bummer. 

Here is where faux plants make their appearance (sorry mom!). Finding both quality AND price-friendly faux greenery is not easy. The best faux plants are extremely expensive, and though I think they are a great investment piece for your home, I’ve rounded up some more affordable pieces that still can make a statement! 

I’ve linked every tree/plant you see in my home photos, plus more, below. Now is a great time to grab some Fall stems and start transitioning your vases to Fall colors. Personally, I love to use dried stems for the season and have been on the hunt for Pampas Grass stems (linked below!). 

Feel free to message me with any questions on the below. Don’t forget to snag a cute woven basket to put your tree or plant in! 

T’s Tip: I always purchase tall baskets for my faux trees. Then, I place books at the bottom of the basket and place the tree on top. This gives my tree an extra foot or so of height in the room and helps make a more dramatic statement. Fill the basket with anything to keep the tree from tipping, then cover the top with moss or small rocks. 

Happy shopping!


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