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An Example Schedule For Your Home Remodel

One of the biggest reasons why I love dreaming up new spaces is because it fills me with a spirit of anticipation for the possibilities to come. There is nothing like walking into a forgotten, lonely space and imagining its potential; envisioning new life and new purpose for the setting.

Your home remodel is like a beautiful woven tapestry. Full of vendors, colors, people, designs…it all comes together to represent a piece of you and a journey of both hard work and craftsmanship.

This journey is not always easy. With its ups and downs, it can take much longer than anticipated, requiring patience, problem solving and creativity on your behalf. Because it’s natural to get stuck in a rut, I wanted to share an expected sample schedule for your home remodel. This is by no means comprehensive, but my hope is to provide a general framework for your upcoming project so you can feel a bit more at ease.

I am so excited for this journey you are about to embark on. And remember, don’t let go of the hopefulness and anticipation you felt when first receiving the keys to your fixer. This is a beautiful part of your life and I know you will construct a home well loved and lived in!

Down To The Details…

T’s Tip: Almost everything we ordered from windows to doors to floors, had a 4-8 week lead time to delivery

Yes, you read that right, 4-8 weeks! That means, if your install date for windows is July 1, have them picked out and ordered by early May. My first BIGGEST MISTAKE is that I misjudged delivery timeframes, which set our contractors behind and thus, delayed our move in date. Remember, time is money and sequencing your project correctly is EVERYTHING!

My suggestion is to work with your General Contractor and devise a master weekly schedule, that way, you can easily be 4-8 weeks ahead of him/her at any given time. Be sure to communicate daily about your purchases/orders/deliveries and have a safe place to store all items. Contractors don’t want to store them for you and have them getting in the way of their job site. Items will get lost this way.

Rough Example Schedule…

Gather General Contractor Bids
Hire Architect
Hire Engineer
Hire General Contractor
Submit Architectural/Engineered Plans to both City & County as Required
Apply for Re-Roof Permit with City / County
Apply for HVAC Mechanical Permit or Title 24 Compliance 
Submit Plans for Design Review to City (as needed/required)

Receive Building Permit (make sure scope of work + monetary value of changes is accurately reflected)

Begin Demolition
Rough Plumbing, Rough Electrical & Framing
Install Windows
Exterior Siding
Plumbing, Electrical & Framing Inspection
Schedule Re-Roof Midway Inspection
Schedule Re-Roof Final Inspection
Gutters / Downspouts
HVAC/Mechanical Inspection
Install Insulation
Schedule Insulation Inspection
Begin Drywall
Shower Pan Install & Inspection
Tile Work
Tape & Texture
Install Window Casing & Trim
Install Interior Doors / Hinges / Handles
Install Flooring
Install Baseboard
Install Cabinets
Install Counter Slabs
Install Final Fixtures Interior & Exterior (lights, plumbing etc…)
Interior Paint / Exterior Paint

Excuse the terrible photo, but below is an example of what your Inspection Record Card will look like in Contra Costa County. Get ready to pass these inspections in sequence (as shown above) before you can move onto the next item! More to come on inspections and permitting costs…!

Happy building!!



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