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3 Tips For A Shower & Bath Combo

When I talk to clients about their dream bathroom, they describe a soothing, spa-like environment which almost always includes a free-standing bath tub. A free-standing tub is definitely a show-stopper, but not always practical, especially when creating a kid-friendly space. Because I am always keeping resale value in mind, there are times when a shower and bath combo make more sense.

Enter obstacle #1: How to make an elegant shower & bath combo!

I typically hear that it is challenging to create an upscale shower & bath, and I completely understand! Here are my tips to elevate your kid-friendly bath.

Tip # 1: Choose a statement tile

In this example, we wanted to create a soothing, spa like bathroom, so we chose a thassos marble 3×6 tile from All Natural Stone. Thassos Marble is a clear sparkly white marble that instantly adds elegance to a space. We used a marble penny tile in the shower niche that had soft blues and grey’s for a pop of color. We used this same penny tile on the floor in our master bath, so it subtly ties the bathrooms together.

Tip #2: Bring the tile around the bathtub base

Instead of looking at a boring white bathtub, we framed the tub using the 3×6″ marble tile. This really helped to complete the look and make the design look both intentional and intriguing. Since bathtubs are typically 5 feet in length and we had a 6 foot area to fill, we created both a cute and practical bench nook. We knew it would be helpful to have a place to sit if giving babies a bath!

Tip #3: Replace your shower curtain with a glass door

We chose a glass door that swings open instead of a shower curtain. I designed the frame of the glass to curve as the top to create a softer, elevated look. Though I could have added a handle to the door, I chose to leave it out so I did not detract from the marble tile. I added polished nickel hinges to match the shower head and tub faucet.

Lastly, I recommend adding decor that feels like pieces you could find in nature to create the finalized zen-like bath experience.

I love this vintage wooden stool, the dried flowers and candles. I searched high and low to find a “mist” color rug, and finally found one, linked below!

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